The in-line atomizer is a chamber which is used to mix the lubricant and air into a atomized spray.  Once the lubricant is in an atomized state it can be transported in a stream of compressed air, (up to approximately six feet), eliminating the need for the capillary oil tube.

The end of the chamber is tapped to accept a 1/8" NPT connector.  This gives you the option to thread it to the end of a rotating union, or a fitting of your choice. 

The kit includes the parts you see including a large loom clamp and a brass compression fitting to attach one of our standard copper or stainless steel nozzles.  This is useful if you need to spray an even pattern of lubricant or extend the reach of the spray up to about fourteen inches.

Also available on a magnet mount with either a flexible Loc-Line nozzle (P/N 9871) or with a copper nozzle (P/N 9863).   

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Description and Part Number

Description SKU #
In-Line Atomizer: 9693
In-Line Atomizer: with 12" Copper Nozzle & Magnetic Mount 9863
In-Line Atomizer: with 12" Loc-Line Nozzle & Magnetic Mount 9871
In-Line Atomizer: with 12" Loc-Line Nozzle & "T" Fitting (no mag) 9872