Air/oil hose assemblies have an oil supply tube running inside the braided air hose.  The length indicated is the length of the air hose with the oil tube about 18” longer to be fed into the nozzle.

90050 Air/oil hose assembly 12 foot
90051 Air/oil hose assembly 20 foot
90052 Air/oil hose assembly 30 foot
90053 Air/oil hose assembly 45 foot
90054 Air/oil hose assembly 60 foot

Part Number: 9490A

Don’t forget to order new O-rings, you will need them when installing the oil tube to the Accu-Lube style pump.


Compression Fitting Sleeve
Part Number: 9254

If you are replacing the hoses on your brass style pumps you will need new compression fitting sleeve.

Braided Air Hose
Part Number: 9363

1/4” I.D. x 7/16” O.D. durable air hose. Caries the air in the air/oil assembly hoses. Sold by the foot.

Oil Tube
Part Number: 9360

1/8” O.D. hard poly tube runs inside the air tube in air/oil assembly. Be careful not to kink the tube when handling. Sold by the foot.

Black Poly Hose 5/32” O.D.
Part Number: #9361

This hose is used to supply the piston side of the pump with pulsating air from the frequency generator. Sold by the foot.

Black Poly Hose 1/4” O.D.
Part Number: 9362

This hose is used to supply the air flow side of the pump. Sold by the foot

Polyurethane Tubing 1/4”
Part Number: 9362B

1/4” O.D. tubing used on the FLR style applicators. Sold by the foot.

Hose and Fittings for EcoBooster

Used to connect an EcoBooster to Machine.

9627 Press Fitting 12Mm x 3/8” NPT
9628 Y Union press fit 12mm
9629 Plug, 12mm press fit
9630 12MM Poly Hose, Sold by the foot