1. Liquid Reservoir: Lightweight, durable polycarbonate reservoir (several sizes and designs are available, see page 12 for information).

  2. Reservoir Extension: Connects the liquid reservoir (#1) to the applicator.

  3. Braided Air Hose: Carries compressed air to the nozzle.*

  4. Lubricant Line: Capillary tube that runs inside the braided air hose.* *Hose Assembly: braided air hose (#3) & lubricant line (#4).

  5. Airflow Valve: Controls the amount of continuous air supplied to the nozzle.

  6. Security-Box (Box & Custom Applicators only): Durable steel box with lock. Separate front and back doors offer maximum access and protection.

  7. Lubricant Control: Secondary lubrication control; adjusts the amount of lubricant delivered during each pump cycle.

  8. Air Filter Regulator/Pressure Gauge: Helps prevent particles and water from entering the applicator through the air supply.

  9. Precision Pump: Uses air pressure to power the pump cycle; provides consistent and accurate lubrication instantly.

  10. On/Off Valve (Manual applicators only): Controls the applicator by regulating airflow (electronic solenoid controls are available, see page 12 for information).

  11. Air Inlet: Accu-Lube precision pump applicators are pneumatically powered.

  12. Frequency Generator: Primary lubrication control; regulates the pump cycle.