9692 V-Nozzle for Band Saws, fits blades 3/4" to 1.5"

This nozzle is designed to point directly at the teeth of the band saw blade. Specifically designed for the thin kerf of a band saw blade this nozzle when connected to a single Accu-Lube pump applicator applies an even coat of lubricant to three sides of the blade; the teeth, and both sides.

Mount the nozzle up inside the the saw either through the back of the saw or through the blade guard depending on the orientation of the blade. Drill a 1" to a 1.25" hole directly over the center of the blade. Mount the nozzle block over the hole centering the nozzle over the teeth of the blade. Telescope the nozzle through the mounting block locking it secure about 3/4" to 1" back from the teeth of the blade by tightening the socket screws on the side of the mounting block.

The optional 90 degree adapter kit, (#9620) is sold separately directs the hose to the side for for some installations.


Description and Part Number

Description SKU #
Nozzle for Band Saw V-Nozzle (3/4"-1.5") 9692
Single Pump Jr. Style Applicator with 9692 Nozzle kit 01D0-SAW
Electric Solenoid Valve (110 VAC) on/off Valve (1/4" NPT) 9518
Single Pump Boxed Applicator, 110VAC with 9692 Nozzle 01A1-SAW