Near Dry Sawing

Eliminate flood coolant with the Accu-Lube Near-Dry Swing system.  The system includes a special natural-based lubricant and precision applicator, which applies a micro amount of lubricant directly to the cutting edge of the saw blade before entering the cut.  The lubricant is consumed during the cut keeping the blade cool and extending the blade life.

⇒Eliminate Messy Coolant

⇒"Green" Non-toxic

⇒Safer Working Conditions

⇒Dry Chips

⇒Clean Parts

⇒Improve Blade Life

⇒Save Money

Use Accu-Lube, the natural choice in metalworking lubricants and equipment, for easier, safer and more profitable operations. Accu-Lube offers a complete line of natural-based lubricants along with specially-developed, patented micro-lubrication systems. These products are non-toxic, environmentally compatible and can be applied to a variety of materials without fear of contamination or discoloration. As a result, the production process becomes more efficient, worker safety is increased, and the bottom line is improved.

Specially configured lubricating systems to meet your sawing needs. The Junior Sawing applicator kits are great for simple standard sawing operations. The Junior applicator body has the same Accu-Lube positive displacement pump, with the capillary oil supply tube running inside the braded air hose which delivers lubricant instantly to the nozzle. Unlike cheap venturi type spray systems the Accu-Lube positive displacement pump pushes lubricant into the nozzle where it is mixed with the compressed air and delivered to the cutting edge of the saw blade through a specially designed nozzle the instant the applicator is turned on. If you want to automate the operation of the applicator install an electric solenoid inline on the air supply hose. Don’t forget the lubricator is only as good as the lubricant it is spraying so be sure to use the Accu-Lube lubricant which is right for you.


Sawing Applicator Kits

Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9692 Band Saw Nozzle
Part#: 01D0-SAW

This is the perfect fit for band saws with small to medium size band saws blade, (width between 1” to 2.5”). Point the nozzle directly at the teeth of the blade up by the drive wheel and out of the way. If you blade mounts with the teeth towards the back of the saw, drill a hole and mount from the back. If the blade mounts with the teeth to the front, mount on the blade guard. This installation is out of the way and will provide trouble free operation for years. Comes with a manual on/off or add a #9518 solenoid.


Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9696 N-Nozzle (1-1.375)
Part#: 01D0-NNZ

Easy to install this tuning fork design wraps around the back of the blade and sprays lubricant out three ports, two at an angle to lubricate the teeth of the blade and one centered over the back of the blade just before entering the cut. Great for vertical or horizontal band saws this simple design is easy to install on just about any saw. Comes with a manual on/off or add a #9518 solenoid.


Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9694 Circular Saw Nozzle
Part#: 01D0-CIR

The circular saw nozzle is designed to span wider kerf of a circular saw up to 1/4” and is acceptable for blades up to 16” diameter. Mount through the blade guard by spot welding the steel mount sleeve to the guard, or purchase the #309145 wing mount for weld free installation. Comes with a manual on/off or add a #9518 solenoid.


Two Nozzle Accu-Lube Pump Standard Applicator with Lockable Steel Box
Part#: 02A1-STD

The two nozzle Accu-Lube pump applicator is the most popular configuration for industrial operations. The lockable steel box prevents people from tampering with the adjustments in the applicator so you control how much lubricant is applied to the blade when the machine is in operation. Comes standard with a 110(VAC) electric solenoid for automated on/off control and 1/4” copper nozzles. Add the #9857 large band saw nozzle for rock solid installation and dependable application of lubricant.


Nozzle for Band Saws, two pump input up three port spray
Part # 9877

For band saw blades two inches and larger this rugged nozzle sprays lubricant right were you need it at the cutting edge. Easy to install requires a two pump system.