Custom Precision Applicators

The professionals at Accu-Lube can create a custom applicator to meet the needs of even the most demanding operations. All Custom Precision Applicators are built with our positive displacement pumps and come in steel security boxes. Our component design makes it easy to customize an applicator to meet your needs by answering the 5 basic questions below:

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Step 1. Custom base unit

The first step to create a custom precision applicator is to design the base unit.

Number of pumps?

Type (aluminum or brass) of positive displacement pumps?

Type of On/Off control (manual or electric solenoid) if electric what voltage 24VDC or 110VAC?

Will all the pumps come on at the same time? If individual or group on/off controls are available.

Step 2. Hose Assembly length
Each pump gets its own hose assembly; if you have a ten-pump applicator you will get ten hoses. Select hose length:
Step 3. Reservoir Select size and features
Note: Applicators with more than 12 pumps will require a second reservoir or a remote mounting kit, see our reservoir section on this site for more detail.
Step 4. Nozzle Type
A large selection of nozzle types are available, see our nozzle section on this site for more detail.
Step 5. Additional options/accessories

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