9673 Quick Disconnect Fitting

Used to connect and disconnect the coaxial hose assembly on an Accu-Lube Applicator. 

This assembly allows for the easy connection and disconnection of the coaxial lubricant and airlines extending from the Accu-Lube applicator.  This is commonly used when the applicator is installed on the machine tool and the nozzles are hard mounted and directed to the cutting tool, such as a blade guard.  This allows for the removal of the blade guard with the nozzle attached to be disconnected from the applicator.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Cut the oil and air lines (1,2) at the point where the quick disconnect is to be located.
  2. Cut back the air line (2) so the oil-line (1) extends approximately 1"
  3. Slide the hose clamp (3) onto the air line
  4. Insert the hose barb (4) into the air line
  5. Connect one side of the double sided press lock fitting (6) to the oil-line
  6. Clip the press lock spacer over the press lock fitting
  7. Connect the 3/8" coupling (7) to the barb (4)
  8. Repeat steps for the other side of the hose assembly