Wide Angle Tip for the Copper or Stainless Steel Nozzles, Part # 9429

The wide angle tip can be screwed onto the end of the copper or stainless steel nozzles.  The wide angle tip is designed to give a flat spray pattern across a moving object such as a piece of metal entering a stamping operation or an abrasive belt. The average spray pattern width is about two to three inches.

The very fine slit in the nozzle is perfect for very low air pressure applications.  Keeping the nozzle air flow low will prevent the atomization of the lubricant and the overspray from becoming airborne.   This is important in open space applications. 

Keep the oil tube cut back one inch from the tip when installing the nozzle and tip. 

High Air Flow Applications Only

For some application it will be necessary to increase the air flow, such as a high speed abrasive belt.  To get the lubricant onto the belt you can mount a nozzle inside the belt guard pointed at the abrasive belt.  If there is a dust collection system creating suction you will need to spray the lubricant hard enough to break the wind vortex created by the moving belt and dust collection system to reach and stick to the belt. 

To do this it will be necessary to modify the nozzle to accommodate the higher air flow.  Using a small thin blade mini hacksaw open the slit to allow more air flow. Only cut down to the beginning of the knurl.

Remember to keep the oil line back one inch from the tip when installing the nozzle and tip.