01D0-STD, 02D0-STD
Accu-Lube Junior Pump Applicator with Loc-Line Nozzle on magnet base and magnet mount.

This smaller junior style applicator is perfect for machine shops that want a small portable solution that they can move from machine to machine.  The magnet can be attached to the bottom or back of the applicator,  so you can hold the applicator either on the side of the machine or a flat horizontal surface.  The 18" Loc-Line nozzle(s) are on a magnet base for easy placement close to the tool.  The junior applicator comes standard with a manual on/off valve.  You can automate the on/off function by placing an electric solenoid valve on the air supply line to the applicator. Available as a single or double pump model.


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Description SKU #
One Pump Jr. Applicator with 18" LocLine Nozzle Magnet Base, Magnet Mount 01D0-STD
Two Pump Jr. Applicator with 18" LocLine Nozzles Magnet Base, Magnet Mount 02D0-STD
Electric Solenoid (110 VAC) on/off Valve (optional) 9518

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